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Clinical Supervision

I am qualified to provide clinical supervision if you are working on obtaining the following:


  •  LCPAT (Maryland art therapy license)

  • LCSW  (Virginia)

  •  LCSW-C (Maryland)

Individual supervision - $100 per 60min

Group supervision - $40 per 60min 

If you and your peers wish to start supervision as a closed group,

I will be glad to explore the best time that works for your group

(Currently offering virtual supervision only).

Please email to inquire. 

My approach

I see supervision as a place for you to grow yourself and explore how to integrate the therapist part of you into the rest of you. This integration does not happen by merely focusing on cases and discussing therapeutic techniques. Exploring how you hold the therapist identity is an important part of supervision, especially when you have a marginalized identity. 

Clinical supervision is different from case consultation. Case consultation involves knowledge and expertise for a partcular clinical area. Supervision needs that too, but it also requires an in-depth, trusting relationship between a supervisor and a supervisee--because such a relationship is a foundation for anyone to grow. In my opinion, supervision is for you to grow as a person, not just as a therapist.


I am committed to practicing therapy from the anti-oppressive perspective, and the supervision will be appraoched in the same way. 

My areas of competency

Populations: Adults and older adults, immigrants, 2nd generation Americans, people of color

Settings: Nursing homes assisted livings, inpatient psychiatric unit, outpatient community, mental health center, hospice, dialysis center, private practice

Theoretical orientations & approaches: Cognitive behavioral therapy, attachment theory, trauma-focused approach, reminiscing therapy, life review model, art-based therapy, creative expression as a therapeutic method, group therapy

Clinical issues: Depression, anxiety, mood disorders, grief & loss, adjustment/life transitions, aging-related issues, dementia, acculturation and cross-cultural issues, race-related trauma, serious mental illness

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Between you and me_edited_edited.jpg


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