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Solo exhibition: Remembering to heal

1/6/24 - 2/3/2024
d'Art Center

I have been invited to have a solo exhibition of my artworks in the Vault Gallery at d'Art Center in Norfolk, VA!

The exhibition captures my experience of cultural loss and its impact on my relationships with others as I live in the U.S. as a woman of color and an Asian, Japanese immigrant. The exhibition portrays how cultural loss can occur due to multiple factors such as the mainstream culture’s assumptions and societal oppression, changing a marginalized individual’s relationships with their traditional culture, their community, as well as with their own ancestors and children. The exhibition invites viewers to contemplate what it means to attend and heal from the grief of cultural loss. 


The exhibition mainly consists of a collection of hand printed images and mixed media artworks, created by a variety of printmaking methods such as styrofoam print, gelatin monotype, collagraph, and Mokuhanga woodblock print.

More info soon!

Identity & Culture

A juried exhibition

November 18, 2023 – January 7, 2024

Falls Church Arts Gallery and Online

My artworks Remembering to search for what was lost and Between you and me were selected to be part of the exhibition.

"Most people explore the deep question of personal identity at some point in their lives. Identity can be expressed in many ways, including in terms of the self, environment, cultural influences, and gender. For this exhibit, artists were invited to share works expressing the intersection of their identity and their culture of origin or the culture in which they find themselves."

- Falls Church Arts


Art for Wellness Class

Art group for 55+ 

Join my art class for adults 55 yrs old+, starting on Jan 18th, 2024!

I will introduce you to different types of art each week and facilitate group discussions as well as self-reflection. This is a group to learn how to use art in order to promote your emotional wellness. 

The class will run for 6 weeks, Thursdays at 1:30pm. 

One hour class

$35 per session 

Location: Art House Seven in Arlngton, VA

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Art In Nature Festival

Before I end the Artist Residency In Motherhood at the end of May, I will be showing and selling many of my Mokuhanga pieces at the Art in Nature Festival on 5/27/23 (Sat) & 5/28/23 (Sun) at the National Botanic Garden in Chantilly, VA. I hope you can come and enjoy the beautiful garden, along with viewing local artists' works!

Register for this event here.

When - 5/20/23 (Sat) from 12:00pm to 1:30pm EST

Where - Virtual via zoom

As a way to honor AAPI Heritage Month, American Art Therapy Association is hosting a panel to hear from Asian/Asian American art therapists. And I will be there as the facilitator for this panel.

This panel brings all of us an opportunity to critically examine the lenses that we use to perceive race, cultures, art, and identities from social-justice oriented perspectives. What does it mean to be an Asian/Asian American art therapist in the United States in 2023? The panel will explore and articulate the impacts of the contexts that Asian/Asian American art therapists find themselves in—historically, politically, spatially.

Come and explore with the amazing panelists ways to think about culture as a process-oriented, fluid concept that is constantly changing through the dynamic interactions we have with others. 

Register for the event from American Art Therapy Association's website here:

Asian/Asian American Art Therapists:
Embodying the Contexts


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