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Art Therapy & Counseling

Emerald Leaf Counseling LLC
Currently offering:
 - Virtual sessions (Virginia and Maryland)
​ - Home visits (Arlington/Falls Church area)

My counseling practice is named Emerald Leaf Counseling LLC

Everyone has a potential to continue growing. The name "Emerald Leaf" represents my desire to support your growth---An emerald leaf is a new green leaf that can sprout in you, no matter how hard your current circumstance may be. It symbolizes self-discovery you may experience in counseling that leads to growth. Personal growth and healing can happen wherever you are and how old you may be. 

I am an artist and a therapist. I use creativity, therapeutic skills, and psychological theories to help you understand why you feel, think, and act in certain ways. I learn about myself the most when I make art, and I find this to be true for my clients as well. During your session, we will talk, look at problems from different perspectives and explore what your thoughts, emotions, and experiences may mean. I will also use creative ways to help you look at what's inside of you, such as writing exercise, mindfulness practice, and art making. Because these alternative ways quiet your analytical side, we get to hear what your true self is trying to tell you. Emotions such as sadness and anxiety can have important messages for us. I'd be glad to partner with you and figure out what your feelings are trying to say. Art can be used as a way to find out who you are and how you can transform your past experiences to empower the present self.


I am committed to practicing therapy in ways that reduce oppression in the society and within ourselves. During sessions, we will process how oppression and cultural norms influence your lived experiences and beliefs. Exploration of racial/cultural identities is an important part of therapy for many clients. 

I often work work with...

  • Artists

  • Therapists

  • Adults (18+)

  • Older adults and retired individuals

  • People of Color/ individuals with marginalized ethnic backgrounds

  • Individuals who grew up in different countries

  • Individuals whose parents are immigrants

  • Individuals with medical illnesses and disabilities

  • Individuals who identify as LGBTQIA+

Each session is 50 min long. 

Your art therapy sessions may be covered by your health insurance. Information about fees and insurances can be found here.

Session can be conducted in English or Japanese. 

Art Therapy

Sometimes what we feel and think are too difficult to put into words. In art therapy, we look inside of ourselves through images and symbols. We can also use the creative process to bring a change--e.g. anxiety reduction, improving mood, processing grief, managing relationships more effectively. 

No artistic talent or prior art experience is necessary. How you relate to your art is how you relate to your life. I will be glad to partner with you if you wish to cultivate self-awareness through artmaking. 

More about art therapy can be found at 

American Art Therapy Association's website here

Image by Dushawn Jovic

Photo by Dushawn Jovic on Unsplash

EMDR Therapy

(Trauma treatment)

I am trained to provide Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy. EMDR therapy treats your symptoms related to emotionally distressing memories. It involves bilateral stimulation (e.g. moving eyes back and forth in the structured manner) as you recall emotions, thoughts, physical sensations associated with the trauma memory in order to facilitate your recovery. Multiple organizations recognize EMDR as an effective trauma treatment.

More info can be found on EMDR international association's website here.


Photo by Nik on Unsplash

Additional information

profile pic2022b.jpg

Miki Nishida Goerdt

Licenses and Credential: 

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker (Virginia) 

  • Licensed Certified Social Worker - Clinical (Maryland)

  • Board Certified Registered Art Therapist (ATR-BC)

Memberships and Affiliations:

*I am a qualified supervisor by NASW Virginia for clinical supervison (LCSW in Virginia).

I also provide supervision for ATR (Art therapy credential by ATCB). 

If you are interested in starting supervision, more info can be found here.

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