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Lecture: Intracultural Practice for Asian Art Therapists by Miki Goerdt, MSW, LCSW, ATR-BC​

March 18th, 2021, Friday, 2-3pm CST (3-4 pm EST)

Intracultural practice (i.e., working with clients from the same ethnic/racial group of the therapist) for marginalized art therapists brings different sets of challenges from Caucasian-to-Caucasian intracultural practice. The lecture focuses on encounters between Asian therapists and Asian clients as examples in order to examine intracultural dynamics and the effects of societal oppression in art therapy.


• Gain knowledge over 5 key elements to consider in intracultural practice between Asian art therapists and Asian clients.

• Learn two specific ways to use art for facilitating self-awareness on the dynamics of intracultural interactions with clients.

CEUs are available. This lecture is a part of 5th Annual Integrated Creative Arts Therapy Conference. Register for the conference here:

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