Artworks by Miki

I specialize in oil painting and mixed media art.  I found oil painting as an avenue of self-expression when I was 16 years old and never stopped since then. There are emotions and sensations that are too difficult to describe in words. These feelings build up inside of myself, and eventually they form images. When this happens, I start painting. Through painting, I learn who I am.
 Please contact me at 703-829-6350 or if you are interested in purchasing artworks.  All sales are handled locally only—No shipping.
“Symbol of Kindness,” 2018, Oil, 18 x 18 inches, $365

Stardust from the past

“Stardust from the past,” 2017, Oil,  36 x 16 inches (12 x 16 canvases as a triptych), $385


  light of hope

“Light of Hope,” 2016, Color pencils, 15 x 18 inches. Not for Sale.



“Colors of my wings”, 2015, Oil painting, 22 x 26 inches. $300



“Hopeful,” 2015, Linoleum print, 6 x 10 inches. $150

As you move forward, you may cry from the pain of the past. Just remember this: Those tears will create a new beginning in your life forward. Tears are not to signify an end. They are to move you to something new. From the new place you find, fresh leaves will grow. Just remember: There is nothing wasteful in this life. Everything is connected to a start in your future. Don’t be afraid to cry, and embrace the past sufferings. This will only make you feel more hopeful. Just remember this when your pain never seems to go away from you.



 “Unexpected,” 2015, Oil Painting , 22 x 26 inch. (Sold)


family portrait

“Family Portrait,” 2014, oil painting. Not for sale.



“Scenery,” 2010, size 36 x 48 inch. Oil painting. Not for sale.


a quest

“A quest,” 2009, oil painting. (Sold)


golden egg

“Golden Egg,” 2010, size 12 x 24 inch. Oil painting. (Sold)


spring rain

“Spring Rain,”  2009, size 11 x 14 inch, oil painting. (Sold)



“Reader,” 2005, 24 x 36 inch, oil painting. (Sold)



“Rain,” 2006, 11 x 14 inch, oil painting. (Sold)



“Night,” 24 x 36 inch, Oil painting. $160



“Koi,” 2008, Oil painting. (Not for sale/gifted)



Moon light

“Moon light,” 2009, 22 x 28 inch, oil painting. (Sold)


to listen, to offer

“To listen, to offer,”2008, mixed media (an old book, acrylic paints, and found objects). $110


history box

“History box,” Mixed media (Acrylic paints, antique 20-year calendar, and found objects). Not for sale.



ww grow

“Growing up,” 2004. Mixed media with found objects. Not for sale.

beauty of nature

“Beauty of Nature,” 2003, Mixed media with found objects. $75


“Three,” 2003, mixed media with a vintage key and medicine bottles. $75

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